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New gTLD 「.film」 Release Announcement

The registry Motion Picture Domain Registry Pty Ltd has announced the release of the following new gTLD 「.film」. Domain name registrations can be applied for during Sunrise period with a valid Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) record. After the Sunrise period, a General Availability period will be opened.

Eligibility Criteria
The applicant or registrant must be a member of an approved association, body or union listed.

And, an applicant or registrant must satisfy one criterion from the followings.

Criteria 1:
The applicant or registrant must be closely connected to the domain name.

Criteria 2:
If the domain name is a film title, the applicant or registrant must hold rights to the exact matching film title.

Sunrise Period
August 4, 2015 ~ October 3, 2015

1. Registrants must meet the Eligibility Criteria.
2. Only the word string of a valid trademark registered at TMCH, can be applied for.
3. If multiple applicants apply for the same word string, the application will be decided through auction.

General Availability Period
From October 6, 2015

1. Registrants must meet the Eligibility Criteria.
2. Applications will be decided on a first come, first serve principle.

Please direct your inquiries to the following address:
Brights Consulting Inc.
Kyeong-Jin Kim
Tel:+81.355210107 Fax:+81.355210117

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