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ICANN APAC Webinar will be held.

New gTLD program / ccTLDs Webinar will be held by ICANN APAC.
In this Webinar, Steve Chan of ICANN and Yoshitaka Murakami of Brights Consulting Inc. will give a presentation about New gTLD.
Presentation Details
❑Title: New gTLD program / ccTLDs Webinar 2015-09-29
❑Date: 2:00pm~3:00pm (05:00-06:00 UTC) Tuesday, 29 September 2015
1. Steve Chan – Senior Policy Manager, Policy Development – ICANN
2. Yoshitaka Murakami – Senior Consultant, Brights Consulting Inc.
1. Introduction – Staff (5 minutes)
2. Speaker: Steve Chan (20 minutes)
▪Background to the new gTLD program
▪GNSO activities about new gTLDs
3. Speaker: Yoshitaka Murakami (20 minutes)
▪Case Studies – Examples of how companies/communities are using new gTLDs
4. Q&A (10 minutes)
5. Survey questions (5 minutes)
❑How to participate in this meeting

Japanese Version: ICANNアジア・パシフィックウェビナーが開催されます。
Korean Version: ICANN 아시아・태평양 Webinar 개최


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