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Why is better than

※An article published on Domain Name Wire.

For Taco Bell, using is better than

Yesterday Taco Bell began promoting the domain hack for its updated website, which gives people the ability to order customized Taco Bell menu items online. (Finally! I can add bacon to my Doritos Locos Tacos!)

Will from posted this comment on Domain Name Wire:

“I give props to Taco Bell for taking the unique creative approach with Ta.Co not only is it sure and catchy but it will make people aware of the .Co. With any of the other extensions besides .Coms my thought process has always been the same, they must be clever, catchy and short.

Otherwise it just would not work. Even though is a powerful name to have Ta.Co just seems more creative and easy to remember as well.

I agree with Will.

.Com is usually the best choice, but you need to look at this holistically.

Taco Bell is clearly targeting a younger demographic with its new site and customized online ordering. This younger demographic uses mobile phones for most of its web browsing.

Thus, is the best choice for two reasons:

1. Younger internet users think .co is cool, and they already know of companies that use it.

2. is short an easy to type on a mobile phone.

Add to the equation that is in use by a company already… is not just a substitute for In this case, I think it’s actually better.

*Japanese Version: なぜ「」は「」より良いドメインネームなのか
*Korean Version: 「」가 「」보다 좋은 도메인 네임인 이유는?

Andrew Allemann
Editor of Domain Name Wire

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