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How the .green TLD Became a Reality

Annalisa Roger, the inspiration behind the .green TLD and the Founder of DotGreen Community, Inc., grew up in Northern California, where living green was a way of life. The idea that the world should go green was just normal—and so was the idea that you could change the world for the better.

My father was an Internet pioneer and as a tribute after his death I attended my first ICANN meeting in 2006. Intrigued and inspired, I returned to ICANN at the Los Angeles meeting in 2007. When I heard about a program to open up new top-level domains I had an unorthodox idea to add the .green TLD to the Internet. This idea came from my own involvement in the green movement and my personal commitment to environmental and sustainability issues.

I was confident that one day millions of people could do an important green action every day just by clicking on .green websites – an action that would reward businesses that were committed to social responsibility and accelerate the global shift to greener business and lifestyles. At that time she called it a Global Response to Environmental and Economic Necessities, or .GREEN

I remembered thinking, “Imagine the green movement and sustainability going viral!”

That dream began a journey that I thought would take a year. It ended up taking eight.

At first, my plan was to run the DotGreen top-level domain as a nonprofit with a focus around raising awareness and money for the green movement around the world.As I and my partners got farther into the process we learned that theywe also needed a company to raise investor money. We then created the DotGreen Community, Inc., which works with the DotGreen Foundation and with Earth Share, a corporate giving organization that provides grants to non-profits. We wanted to make sure that whatever we did benefitted green causes.

However, the winning bidder for .green was Afilias. Afilias has the contract to operate the .org domain and they’re one of the biggest back-end operators in the business. I approached Afilias in the summer of 2014. I was persistent because I wanted to make sure that .green was used to benefit the green movement. They agreed to become partners, and .green and its partnership with DotGreen Foundation and EarthShare became a reality.

DotGreen Going Forward

The .green namespace has been launched for 6 months. And we’ve seen leaders in dozens of industries, including agriculture, education, marketing, landscaping, automobiles, public relations, tourism and more, register their .green names. We’ve also seen individuals go .green including a Hollywood actress and a well-known Nascar Racing Driver.

We are looking into the future and envision a world where .green is everywhere. Where you can search for any of your favorite companies online and find the products, services and initiatives that are reflective the global shift to sustainability. It’s an exciting time for the Internet, for the green movement and for the growing global green economy that is helping propel us all toward a healthier world.

*Japanese Version: .green ドメインはどうやって実現したのか!
*Korean Version: 어떻게 TLD 「.green」가 실현되었는가

Annalisa Roger

Chairman of the Board of Directors, DotGreen Community, Inc.

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