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Alphabet Inc, Google’s holding company, uses

As you already saw, on 10 August 2015, Google established its holding company. There are many companies established a holding company however difference between Google and others are that Google did not used their well-known brand “Google” for the holding company’s name, however it was named as “Alphabet Inc.
Alphabet seems considered their future business plan well to name itself as Alphabet and also there is a catch phrase shown on their website “G is for Google.”
As much as the company name “Alphabet Inc.,” did, its domain name “” was focused as well. Not in Japanese media however papers mentioned that Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt had moved from Google to Alphabet and their homepage uses “”
We have considered why Alphabet had chosen .xyz for their homepage.

About “.xyz.”

“.xyz” is one the 1930 Top Level Domains (TLDs) in 2012. There was the Momentum event of new gTLDs while the week of INTA Hong Kong in 2014 and I had a chance to talk to Mr. Daniel Negari who is CEO of XYZ in person then.

Mr. Negari had pointed out something had not shown on their website that you may have a domain name “” Domain name itself does not show any identity however, in cyber space, it shown the identity that the domain name ends with “xyz.” The English language consists of 26 letters and it ends with “xyz.”. So no matter what names you have as a hostname, your domain name ends with “xyz.” Domain name that has meaning is effective and those names that are easy to remember will survive in the future. Mr. Negari considers that “.xyz” will be one of those “easy to remember” domain names.

Daniel Negari Daniel Negari, CEO of XYZ

Alphabet took the concept of that alphabets end with “xyz” I would like to emphasize again that alphabet starts with “a” and ends with “z.” So Alphabet’s “” and the concepts behind “xyz” had matched well, I think.

Alphabet’s used of “” had hit the market in North America and EU and some pointed out that this is the beginning of “Not-Com” era. “Not-Com” is the catch copy of the biggest TLD registrar Donuts uses.
It has been reported that Alphabet had registered “” following its .xyz domain name.
The Internet’s giant has made a move to “Not-Com” domain names, we need to focus on what other names that Alphabet will register and how do they use it.
*Japanese Version:   Alphabet Inc.の設立とabc.xyzの利用
*Korean Version:   구글의 새로운 지주회사 ‘Alphabet Inc.’과 ‘’ 그리고 New gTLD
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